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the oyster bar x samui




Savor the surprise of the sea with our weekly shuffled oyster list, where every week brings a new flavor adventure

The biggest selection of oysters from all around the world. We specialize in super fresh, live oyster, both import & locals from sustainable sources. More than 60 type of oysters are random to put on ice for you. Each week, we have different oysters, So your exploration is never ending.

Our team have strong passion in the half shell. If you love to explore and upgrade your oyster experience to the next level, this is the place you should make a visit !!!

the oyster bar x samui
oyster catering service




Elevate your event with The Oyster bar catering! From farm to your event, loaded with fresh oysters with different flavor profiles to explore, our live shucking stations are perfect for all your celebrations and gatherings.


Our service is complete with a shucking station, oysters, ice, lemons, a Champagne mignonette, and professional oyster shucker who will delight you and your guests with their passion for bivalves.

Packages starting from 25,000 THB.



A supreme culinary experience just about anywhere. We believe in bringing people together through our oysters. Whether you are doing an anniversary celebration, birthday, graduation, promoted at work or just a simple Friday night party, anything you can add oysters to really!

Can’t wait to get your hands on some fresh oysters? send us a message now !!!

oyster delivery service
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